Turn your manual wheelchair into

A freedom Machine

Convert your manual chair into a powerchair in less than 10 seconds! 

Enjoy a smooth, powerful and comfortable ride for any occasion and place. 

It has a long range, is amazingly stable, safe and secure.

Snaps-On in Seconds.
Travel Effortlessly, Engage Life.

Save your arms for transferring and the things you enjoy. Use the Companion to go on walks with family, bike trails with friends, or do some shopping someone special. Keep the flexibility of a manual chair, yet move around the house easily with the power of an electric scooter. Easily stores in a car, on a plane, or in the corner of a room. 

With the Companion wheelchair assist, you can go almost anywhere and do almost anything.

- Compatible with folding or rigid manual chairs. 
- Go up to 16 miles on one 3 hour charge. 
- Lightweight – less than 20 lbs. Ideal portable solution for car, sea and air travel.

How Will Companion Change Your Life?

Increase Your Mobility. Live Life Fuller

Quick Connecting

Quick-Release mechanism takes under 10 seconds to connect or disconnect.

Powerful Motor

Three or five speeds, Plus, the Companion only takes 3 hours to fully re-charge.


Weighs less than 10 kgs / 20 lbs. Easy to load and unload from your vehicle.

Safe & Secure

Locks securely onto your wheelchair for a smooth, stable ride that you can trust.

Unlock New Possibilities
With Companion

The Companion is easy to use, light-weight and affordable. The facts speak for themselves. It's a lightweight and ideal portable solution for car, sea and air travel. Provides outstanding maneuverability. Turns in place and easily steers through narrow spaces. Sleek compact design based on 8” wheel. Unique Quick-Release connect and disconnect mechanism. Convert your manual chair into a powerchair in less than 10 seconds!

 - Smooth, powerful and fast. 3 to 5 speeds - comfortable ride on any occasion and place 
- Long range. 25 kms on one charge and fast 3-hour charge.
- Safe – Amazingly stable, safe and secure. Powerful drum brakes. 
- Connect rigid and folding manual wheelchairs, both adult and pediatric. 
- Endless adjustment options. 

Companion Changed My Life. 
With It I Can Go Anywhere.

- Rio K. -

companion gives me the freedom to keep up with my friends.

- Maxine A. -

Answers to your questions

What are Companion's Technical Specifications?
Speed: 5-speed modes, up to 13mph.
Range: Up to 16 miles per charge.
Charge time: Approx. 3 hours.
Accelerator: Twist throttle, or optional thumb throttle.
Braking: Handbrake with parking brake lock.
Transportability: Batteries are within capacity limits for transport on aircraft.

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Will Companion Mount to My Wheelchair?
Companion will mount to almost any rigid or folding wheelchair frame with custom options available for rare cases where the frame is custom-built or an exclusive brand.

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