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Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Canada.
Made in Canada.

Meet The Next Generation Powerchair
That's Defying Ordinary

Preorders Beginning Summer/Fall 2022

Watch the January 31st Live Stream Announcement

Take Your Mobility to New Heights!

Curio’s patented robotics platform allows each leg to be independently adjusted in position and height. Extend the height to reach tall cabinets or retract it to pick up objects off the floor.
Over 18-inch of range of elevation

Interact with your environment
with ease and confidence

Curio can be lowered to interact with children or pets without reaching or straining.

Take Some Pressure Off

Posterior & Anterior Tilt

Lateral Tilt/Roll

Curio's range of motion make transfers safe and easy for both the user and caregivers.

Safety Comes Standard

Rear-View Camera


Collision Avoidance

On-Board Telematics & App Connectivity

User Customization
Remote Control
Advanced Information Display
Remote Error Diagnosis
Maintenance Alerts
Over-the-air Updates

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