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Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Canada.
Made in Canada.

AWARE-A4 RNET Powered Rear-View Camera with Tube Mount

$237.99 USD

AWARE Universal Rear-View Systems for power wheelchairs mount on your mobility device to allow you to monitor your surrounding while standing or cruising. Feel a sense of personal security as you go about your day, knowing that you can back up safely, protected from colliding with people or obstacles.

The AWARE-A4 Personal Rear-view System plugs directly into the R-NET connector hub on your scooter or power wheelchair (applicable to most Permobil, Pride, Sunrise, and Quantum powerchairs).

    • 170 degree viewable angle, broader and safer 
    • Video radar system indicates distance to obstacles when within two metres
    • Beeper activates when an obstacle is within 1.2 meters (can be disconnected)
    • IP67 waterproof
    • Low power consumption
    • Universal fit for all scooters and wheelchairs
    • LED camera lights so you can see behind you even at night.

    The AWARE-A4 is easy to install: there's no drilling required, and flexible mounting options with mounting brackets with different tilting angles are included with the system.

    See instruction manual for more details.