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Companion takes home “Product of the Year” for the second year in row

Companion takes home “Product of the Year” for the second year in row

July 18, 2022 - Cheelcare wins "Product of the Year" for a second consecutive year for their latest model, Companion Q.

Cheelcare's game-changing device with push controls, the newest innovation to join the product line, gives users with limited hand dexterity the ability to control the front-mount power assist without squeezing or twisting motions.

"It's a great honour to be recognized for our products for the second year in a row. Our team is committed to creating beautiful products that exceed the needs of our customers. We hear from our customers of the life-changing impact they make in their daily lives, and the Product of the Year Award is a great validation that the industry is also noticing." Eugene Cherny, CEO.

Cheelcare launched Companion Q earlier this year at the 2022 International Seating Symposium. It features controls built into the handlebars that allow the acceleration and braking to be controlled by pushing on them.

Companion Q unlocks access to a front-mount power assist option for those typically excluded from using this type of device due to the limiting nature of standard controls. For example, bicycle-type brakes require good hand strength to squeeze the lever and stop, which can be challenging for people with quadriplegia, living with MS, experiencing arthritis, or even children. So instead, users control Companion Q by applying force to the spring-loaded handlebars, up or down, using only their arms.

The Product of the Year award is presented annually in recognition of outstanding product and technology development by Complex Rehab Technology and mobility/accessibility manufacturers. Cheelcare hopes that this new model will address the needs of a broader range of people looking to enhance their mobility through a front-mount power assist system.

Beau Hayward, a C4/5 quadriplegic and daily Companion Q user, says: "Companion Q is the single most important piece of equipment I own. It's given me back so much freedom. I can get where I need to go."

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