Style. Comfort. Utility.

Cheelcare's team of talented inventors, engineers, and designers is creating striking assistive devices to facilitate your independence. In all our devices, design and functionality are harmoniously integrated into tools that keep proving themselves in every area of life.

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The Cheelcare Companion

Level up your manual wheelchair.

The WHILL Model Ci

A revolutionary approach to power mobility.

The Cheelcare Xceed

Your Fully Adjustable Power Chair
Portable Fast Charge XLR to USB Adaptor (Unibody) Mobile Phone Holder with USB Charger Dual-port Charger Adaptor for R-NET AWARE-A4 Portable USB Fast Charger for Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs

Wheelchair & Scooter Accessories

Want an easy way to charge your phone from your electric wheelchair or scooter? Our range of attachments for electric mobility devices includes USB Charger Adaptors, Rear-View Cameras, and Device Mounting Systems.

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"Life is tough without the Companion."

Derek, Kamloops BC

“My grocery shopping is so much easier with the Companion"

Helena, Toronto ON