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Funding Resources

We continue to work with various funding partners to help our customers meet their mobility needs. The following list is created to provide information on possible funding sources for your devices. Eligibility for funding varies considerably based on individual circumstances and the objectives of the funding source. This list is provided for informational purposes; do not imply any of the sources listed will grant funding for our products.


Medicaid / Medicare

Generally speaking, front-mount power add-ons are not currently eligible for funding under Medicaid or Medicare. There may be circumstances where a state Medicaid waiver may provide funding. Your local dealership would be most knowledgeable on any available waivers that apply to your e and state. Visit the Medicaid website for more information.


Private Insurance

There may be circumstances under which private insurance will fund our products. This varies based on circumstances including your insurance coverage and medical justification. The required documentation for medical justification varies on the insurance provider. We recommend you contact your insurance provider for more information. Cheelcare can provide a cost estimate for submission to private insurance for pre-approval.



Some of our dealers offer financing options through programs such as CareCredit or Affirm. These programs tend to require a credit check for new users and vary in the coverage they provide. Contact your local vendor to see if they offer any financing options.


State Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

In some cases, your state's vocational rehabilitation program can provide funding for adaptive equipment needed to help bridge mobility needs that currently present a barrier to employment. Contact your local vocational rehabilitation program to discuss your circumstances and see if you may be eligible for a mobility equipment grant.


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Veterans with mobility needs can have their equipment funded by their local VAMC. Cheelcare works with VAMCs across the United States to help veterans reach their mobility goals. If you are currently working with your VA and are interested in our products, you can ask your OT to contact Cheelcare to book an in-service equipment trial.


Non-Profits, Foundations and Other Organizations

Many local non-profit organizations and service clubs (Lions, Rotary, Shriners, etc) provide financial assistance to individuals to help purchase mobility equipment in response to requests for support. Sometimes even local churches have supported individuals in obtaining mobility equipment. If you are writing a request for support to a local not-for-profit or service club, Cheelcare offers special programs to charities and non-profits that help individuals fund mobility equipment and can provide a cost estimate for inclusion in your request.

Non-Profits We Have Worked With:

Crowdfunding / Fundraising

Some individuals decide to fundraise for their equipment through campaigns or crowdfunding platforms. Though some of our customers have been very successful with this approach, you should consider the financial implications. In some situations, crowdfunding through GoFundMe is considered income. Some platforms exist, such as HelpHopeLive (, that are structured to help minimize impacts on taxation and benefit eligibility. You should thoroughly research how crowdfunding or fundraising can affect your financial circumstances.

CoCoPay crowdfunding platform coming soon!