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GoFundMe Campaign Raises Funds for Companion User

GoFundMe Campaign Raises Funds for Companion User

At just 14 months old, Nick was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a condition that required multiple surgeries and his first amputation by age 13. As the condition progressed, Nick required further amputations and by age 27, Nick saw his leg completely amputated. Throughout his life, Nick has had to undergo upwards of 27 surgeries, and growing up, frequently required casts as a result. This made mobility challenging requiring Nick to rely on a wheelchair to get around.

This past summer, at the Abilities expo in Chicago, Nick and his family were introduced to Companion at the Cheelcare booth.  Although very reluctant to try at first, Nick eventually did, and fell in love with Companion instantly.

Nick's mother, Diana, posted a video on her Facebook account of him trying the device for the first time at the Expo. His mother instantly started receiving comments from friends and family who got to witness his face light up. Before long, a friend of the family, Tiffany, had set-up a GoFundMe page to help raise the cost of the device, and within three days, friends, family and strangers had raised the funds needed to purchase a Companion for Nick.

Nick's family and friends had decided to keep the fundraiser a secret from him in the hopes of surprising him with his brand new Companion. Julie Puccio, one of Cheelcare's independent reps, worked with his mother to arrange for the installation and delivery of the device to an unsuspecting Nick.

It's clear that not only was all who were involved successful in keeping this big secret, but that the gift from their friends and family was truly appreciated. 

He now uses his Companion to get around the local hospital where he’s currently receiving cancer treatment. He also enjoys using Companion to spend time outside with friends and family.

 a young man and a woman pose behind the Companion, a scooter-like device attached to the front of his wheelchair

Nick and his family would like to thank everyone who had contributed to the GoFundMe campaign, and express their gratitude for the generosity and kindness they showed this deserving young man.

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