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SMS Messaging Policy

As courtesy and convenience to our clients, we accept and reply to text messages sent to our telephone numbers: 1-888-948-2680, and 647-800-2680. Messages sent to our telephone numbers are replied to by real people from our team.

By sending a text message to our telephone numbers you expressly consent to receiving conversational text messages from our team. We do not send automated promotional messages.

You can opt-out at any time by texting "STOP" to either of our telephone numbers. Should you opt out, we will no longer communicate with you in any way over text messages.

Automated Marketing Messages
We do not use Automated Marketing Messages via text at this time. Should Cheelcare ever opt to use this method, your consent to receive conversational text messages will NOT be considered consent for automated messages,

Message Frequency
Message frequency will vary according to the conversation. Our team will not initiate text message conversations first.

Message and Data Rates
Even though unlimited texting has become more common, some users may have to pay a small fee to receive text messages. You should verify with your carrier what text messaging rates may apply to your plan.

Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy establishes the guidelines on how we use your personal information. You can find a copy of our policy at

Questions or Concerns
Should you have any questions about our use of text messaging, contact or call 1-888-948-2680 x200.