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Made in Canada.

Companion power assist for manual wheelchairs

$3,999.99 USD

Exceed your reach with our innovative electric-powered add-on.

  • Lightweight – less than 10 kgs / 20 lbs. Ideal portable solution for car, sea and air travel.
  • Outstanding maneuverability. Turns in place and easily steers through narrow spaces
  • Sleek compact design based on 8” wheel
  • Unique Quick-Release connect and disconnect mechanism. Convert your manual chair into a powerchair in less than 10 seconds!
  • Smooth, powerful and fast - comfortable ride on any occasion and place
  • Long range
  • Safe – Amazingly stable, safe and secure. Powerful drum brakes.
  • Connect to most rigid and folding manual wheelchairs, both adult and pediatric. Endless adjustment options.
  • Highly customizable, make it look Yours! (shown in front wrapping options)

User Manuals


The Companion

This unique mobility solution from Cheelcare is a powered add-on for both rigid and folding manual wheelchairs.


The unique Quick-Release mechanism means it takes under 10 seconds to connect or disconnect your Companion.

Powerful Motor

Choose between three speeds, with a max speed of 24km/h / 15mph . Plus, the Companion only takes 3 hours to fully re-charge.


The Companion weighs less than 10 kgs / 20 lbs and making it easy to load and unload from your vehicle when you're on the go.

Safe & Secure

Locks securely onto your wheelchair for a smooth, stable ride that you can trust.

Product Videos

Tight Turning Radius

Quick-Connect Mechanism

Loading & Unloading

Lightweight but powerful, it makes life easier. You'll never want to go without your Companion.

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on CTV Toronto

Follow Oda Al-Anizi on his journey delivering food for Uber Eats, and raising funds for Spinal Cord Injury Ontario with the help of his Companion.

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Compatibility with Manual Wheelchairs

For Both Foldable and Rigid Frames
Folding Manual Wheelchairs

The Companion is compatible with most foldable manual wheelchairs that have a frame tube diameter between 19mm (0.75") and 50.8mm (2").

If your wheelchair has a different bar or frame tube diameter, you can contact us or a dealer for a customized solution.

Rigid Manual Wheelchairs

The Companion is compatible with most rigid manual wheelchairs that have a straight camber tube and crossbar diameter between 19mm (0.75") and 50.8mm (2").

If your wheelchair has a different bar or frame tube diameter, you can contact us or a dealer for a customized solution.

Your New Companion

Your New Companion

As unique as you are.

Customize your new Companion with a range of vinyl wraps and accessories.

Technical Specs
Motor 250W Hub motor with solid tire
Brakes Powerful drum brakes
Battery Lithium battery 36V 7.5A
Range Up to 25km/16 miles on a full charge*
Power Switch ON/OFF Power switch with two keys
Turning Radius Handle angle range - 180 degrees
Speed Three-speed mode control - maximum 24km/h / 16mph
Display 2-inch LCD display - battery charge status, trip distance, and speed
Weight - Companion Unit 9.4kgs/20lbs**
Weight - Adaptor/Coupler 0.8kgs/1.6lbs

*Range measured in laboratory conditions: flat clean surface, no inclines, 150lbs dummy. Actual range might vary depending on road, incline, and weather conditions.
**For Companion optimal performance, total combined wheelchair and user weight should not exceed 280lbs/130kgs.

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Mods & Customizations by Companion Users

  • Cheelcare Companion Golf Mod
    January 25, 2021

    Cheelcare Companion Golf Mod

    Check out this unique modification by one of our Cheelcare Companion users. This individual uses his companion on the green to help navigate the hills and valleys on the course.  He created this modification using hardware purchased from his local...

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